Criminal Taxation Print

Our firm specializes in representing clients charged for financial offenses before the Income Tax and VAT investigation offices.

Our Criminal Taxation Department deals with the major offenses prohibited under the Income Tax Ordinance and the VAT Law, such as tax evasion, issuing fictitious tax invoices, smuggling of goods and money laundering. Our firm also handles technical violations, such as non-filing of VAT reports, non-filing of income tax returns, failure to keep accounting books under the provisions of the law, illegal withholding of tax deductions, failure to report income, submission of false information, etc.

Shekel & Co. provides full representation before all legal instances for various tax violations. The firm also provides ad hoc services in cases that come up suddenly, such as obtaining release from detention, arranging for bonds and full assistance in investigations before the tax authorities. Our firm believes in the advantages of negotiating, so that besides representing the client in court, better alternative solutions can be reached, such as plea bargains or converting a bill of indictment into an administrative penalty or fine, provided that the outcome is in the client's best interest.

Among the attorneys in the Criminal Tax Department are those with a background in accounting and former Tax Authority employees. The specialization of the firm’s personnel in the various accounting and economic fields often leads to the presentation of a case in a different light than by the Tax Authority.