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Shekel & Co. was founded in 1992 by Dr. Moshe Shekel, Adv., and soon became a leading tax law firm dealing in all aspects of the field, from consulting and writing opinions, structuring transactions, handling matters involving income tax, international taxation, indirect taxes (VAT, customs, purchase tax and excise duties), real estate taxes, municipal property taxes and property tax to handling all types of tax litigation matters. The firm also specializes in commercial and corporate, real estate and commercial litigation.

Since it was founded by Dr. Moshe Shekel, one of the foremost authorities in the field of taxation in Israel, Shekel & Co. has earned a sterling reputation as the finest tax law firm in Israel.

The firm has specialized departments in the fields of taxation, corporate law, real estate and litigation, and also engages extensively in commercial law, contracts and insurance.

Shekel & Co. serves clients in a wide range of sectors and industries in the Israeli economy including Israel's largest holding and investment companies, leading corporations in the fields of industry, energy, automobiles, construction, real estate, hi-tech, investment companies and banks, landline and cellular communications, insurance companies and non-profit organizations. The firm also represents multinational corporations operating in Israel.


Shekel & Co.'s expertise, professional knowledge and many years of experience cover all aspects of taxation in Israel. The firm's Tax Department offers diverse services handling matters involving income tax, indirect taxes (VAT, customs, purchase tax and excise duties), corporate taxes, capital gains tax, real estate taxes, international taxation, etc. The department offers an end-to-end service, from advice on structuring a transaction and providing written opinions on its fiscal implications to obtaining pre-rulings of the tax authorities or litigating tax disputes in court.

The firm provides detailed, comprehensive written opinions on Israeli tax laws. When necessary, the firm acts to obtain pre-rulings and approvals from the Israeli tax authorities for structuring innovative and diverse transactions. This prepares the groundwork for its clients to start doing business in Israel with full knowledge of their taxation status and enables them to optimize the tax structure of the business. All these services are provided without having to go to court. 

Shekel & Co. is well versed in the taxation of non-profit organizations in Israel, and as the legal advisor of some of Israel's largest organizations and institutions, has managed to significantly reduce their tax burden (indirect taxes, payroll tax, employer's tax, tax on business activity, taxes on real estate transactions, etc.). 

The firm also represents Israeli clients and foreign clients alike in a wide spectrum of tax-related legal issues, including tax objection proceedings and internal hearings before the tax authorities. The firm's knowledge and involvement in commercial law enables it to provide its clients with comprehensive and efficient tax planning and consulting that is sensitive to their individual business needs, including commercial needs that do not lend themselves to optimal tax planning. The tax planning is fully coordinated with the client's local and foreign attorneys, to achieve maximum tax benefits and realize the full business potential of the firm's international clients operating in Israel.

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