Income tax and corporate tax Print

Shekel & Co. advises clients in Israel and abroad on all aspects of income tax, including:

Tax Disputes

The firm gives its clients
accurate, up-to-date information and advice to minimize their tax exposure and help them resolve disputes with the tax authorities. We handle all levels of talks, from hearings before assessment officers in tax assessment and objection proceedings to appeals before the District Court and the Supreme Court.

Mergers & Acquisitions
Our firm provides advice for tax planning of mergers and acquisitions, and when necessary we obtain pre-rulings from the tax authorities in the client's favor concerning these transactions.

Employee Options
Our firm has unique expertise in advising on tax issues involving employee options. When necessary, we reach tax agreements and obtain pre-rulings from the tax authorities.

Tax Planning and Special Arrangements
Our firm structures and plans transactions to minimize the parties' tax burden, by applying original and creative ideas developed by our firm that are not in the public domain. When necessary, we hold discussions with the tax authorities to obtain a pre-ruling for the proposed tax structure.

Shekel & Co. handles the client’s needs, starting with the stage of consulting, in which it helps structure the transaction and provides opinions on the fiscal implications, including filing objections or appeals or conducting internal discussions with the tax authorities, through to the stage of receiving tax approvals and litigating disputes in court.

The expertise, professional knowledge and many years of experience of the department team assures clients of a comprehensive and tax-efficient service that is tailored to their individual business needs.

The tax planning is fully coordinated with the client's local and foreign attorneys, thereby enabling the firm’s international clients to successfully do business in

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